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Memorydex crafting

 In recent years, I have done enormous amounts of small cards, which I have particularly in the context of the summer camps around the world have sent summer camp with friends. Some of the cards I made myself, but I've noticed the cards but disappear somewhere over time, because I have not had any of those fixed storage slots. I have tried to look for this storage solution to this problem.  On Instagram and Pinterest, there have been one of the more stunning cards against me, with small holes at the bottom. After researching the matter, I noticed that the memory cards in question were and that, in addition to everything else, such a handy storage solution could be purchased for them. That's where the idea came from, though I matured for a while before I decided to give it a try.  Through the Bible Journal Love site, I had received the bases of memorydex cards as freebies, so I decided to print a template for myself as a card template. I thought I’d try to do it first and s
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The Camp Reset 2020 - Preparing for the camp and waiking up

The first week of camp was over quickly. It was great to go back to camp and meet many acquaintances again and meet new people. I waited for the camp to start all spring and knew I needed this camp for myself. Above all, the camp would once again be an opportunity for me to give time to myself and my greatest passion: creativity. At the same time, I knew I had the opportunity to find some sort of balance in the midst of all this chaos. I just found a suitable book for camp for smahsbook. It was just the right size for me to take it with me wherever I went. For this book, I started building a camp this summer. For the smahsbook, I went through the camp materials from previous years and found something there that I definitely wanted to use this year as well. So what better way than to build a section in a book: something old. And of course for the Harmony retreat, I had to reserve some space for the smahsbook because Retreat was a little left for me in the wi

The Harmony Retreat - Some memories

The Harmony Reatreat was the first camp to be held in the winter. The Harmony Retreat provided an opportunity to calm down and get to know yourself. That's what I really needed.  For once, I had to have time for myself and use the time to get to know myself.  Everyday life and reality just was something completely different than I originally thought. The Harmony Handbook consisted of three parts: soul, mind and body.  Through these three categories, it was meant to reflect on issues related to oneself. The platform for the retreat was a lightened version of the camp map, which was already familiar from Camp wanna Craft, but there was no cabin or opportunity at the camp.  So actually, I could, to some extent, compare The Harmony Retreat to a retreat of silence for my part.  I was always asleep when things in common happened, so they all passed me by. I tried to watch the broadcasts as a replay, but with varying degrees of success.  The change in everyday life due to study leave

Camp Wanna Craft 2019 - memories

It's been a while since Camp Wanna Craft. I'm in early autumn returned to the camp many times and moods reflected on all of them , with whom I came to have spent time in the camp . Even though my camp mates were around the world and I used to use English, I felt I was part of something bigger. I stayed in a cabin of coffee around the campfire camp and had the opportunity to experience it in the best company possible. During the camp I got to participate in different lessons and try new things. I was able to sit down with others and play different games. The word game, which always continued with the last letter of the previous word, was probably one of our cabin's most popular games. We also played a big cushion war and compared words in different languages. Best of all! Coffee, tea and hot cocoa were almost always available. Together with my cabin mate we had to wonder how to get the bear out of the cabin. We tried to lure her away with the hijan

Camp Wanna Craft 2019 - Campbook

Finally, I dared to start the camp book. I did not dare to start earlier when I wanted all the June things in the same decks. But now that the camp handbook was published, I knew how to go to build a handbook for June. I chose a thick, soft cover notebook. It is a good base for June. I decided to start filling it with camp related issues. When the first book is opened, a page will come up to find out whose the booklet is. Then there is a calendar showing all the live shows of the camp. On the same page as the calendar, I still got the Camp Reset bucket list last summer.  Since this manual is intended specifically to collect memories and thoughts, and to take advantage of the camp variously manual and spring Playbook sections, I made myself a page where I can see all the cabins in which I am involved. After this page I have to reserve space for every cabin to get the best memories of the cabin.  That's where it leaves, and luckily it can't be completed at once. It